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  • K. Vasquez

Leave Sheering for the Sheep

Summer is proving to be quite the adversary this year with it's high temperatures. If you are looking at your panting Aussie thinking "I bet a good ol' shave and a hair cut would cool you off," we hope to sway you with some quick facts.

When it comes to Aussies and other double-coated dogs, we highly, highly recommend you do not shave them. We understand its hot in the summer months and it seems like their hair doesn't want to stay on them any way with all the shedding, but, as with most things Aussie, their coat is quite smart too! Their coat is equipped naturally to help them regulate their body temperature in both cold and warm temperatures. Removing it could actually hinder this natural cooling and heating process and potentially cause further damage to their skin and coat.

As you might have guessed, double-coated dogs have a two layers of hair! The top layer is a layer of guard hairs and the second layer – closest to the skin – is their undercoat. Shedding occurs in warm months to release the undercoat and allow air to circulate under the guard coat and over the skin, helping to keep them cool. The guard coat, however, must remain to protect their skin from harmful UV rays, as well as bug bites. If removed, the dog is left without its natural protection. Furthermore, the guard coat, once shaved, may not grow back as it was prior.

Instead, we simply recommend a good brushing or raking to help remove the undercoat and minimize random shedding. Remember, sheering is for sheep, not shepherds!

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