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  • Ale Dominguez

Cold weather is coming! Tips for our 4-legged friends

Colder temps are coming soon and just like in the summer there are many tips

to help keep our furry friends happy and healthy!


1. Even though many long/thick haired breeds are more tolerate of colder weather;

You should never leave your pets outside for long periods of time in super cold or freezing


2. Give your dogs choices as to where they sleep. If you see them consistently going to one spot

that spot might extra warm and they are comfortable there. Make it nice and cozy for them to

relax and nap.

3. Play dress up! If you see your dog has a shorter coat and is bothered by the colder weather trying using a doggie sweater to help out.

4. For areas that get snow: ALWAYS BE PREPARED! We never know what mother nature will throw

at us so just in cause you are snowed in be prepared not only for yourself and family but also all your furry friends! Make sure you have supplies, water, food even meds for at least 5 days just in


Hope these tips come in handy for everyone :)

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