At Australian Shepherds Furever, we work daily to save aussies in need. It can be tough work, but incredibly rewarding to see this beautiful and intelligent breed flourish when given a second chance.


We are a 501 (c) 3 non profit corporation. As a nonprofit, raising funds for rescue, fostering, training, boarding and health care is vital. Please consider showing your support today.

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98% of the dogs that you see on  our website were rescued by Australian Shepherds Furever  and are either adopted into furever homes or in our foster care program.


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Are you ready to welcome a new pet into their furever home? We would be honored to help you find the perfect match! We invite you to learn more about the adoption process and see all our available pets, including purebred aussies and mixes, from puppies to seniors.

We receive daily notifications regarding aussies in need all over the country. We would love to be able to save them all, but it is crucial to have the available funding for expenses like shelter fees, vetting, transportation, and care for each rescued pet. Monthly fundraising and donations help determine how many lives we are able to save.
We are always looking to grow our nationwide network of fosters. ASF's Foster Program is made of big-hearted Aussie lovers who are willing to give rescue pets a temporary home, a little guidance and a lot of love before they are off to their new furever homes. Does this sound like you? If so, we need fosters in all cities and states!

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Meet Oakley! OAKLEY WILL ONLY THRIVE IN A HIGHLY ACTIVE HOME WHERE HE CAN WORK ON A FARM AND /OR BE INVOLVED IN DISC, AGILITY ETC. HE WILL NOT DO WELL IN THE AVERAGE HOME. NO CATS, SMALL DOGS OR SMALL CHILDREN. Oakley is a working bred Australian Shepherd and has to have a job or he will make his own job to keep himself busy and that gets him into trouble. Oakley is an awesome disk or agility dog prospect. He would also do great on a working farm doing what he was bred to do.

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