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Adoption Process: What to Expect


Still have some questions about how adoption works? Please check out our FAQ page for fast answers to common questions.

Submitting an Application
The first step in the adoption process is to fully complete an Adoption Application.  The application will provide you with an opportunity to share with us your doggy preferences and requirements (i.e., red merle, good with kids, etc.), as well as information about yourself, your family, and your home. If you have found a doggy match (or two) via our pet listings, you will also have a chance to specify your desired pet(s) on the application (by name and location).
Processing Your Application
We are a volunteer-based organization. Please keep that in mind and try to be as respectful of their time as they will be of yours as we try to get you through the process of adopting your new furry family member. Once you've submitted your application, it will take about at least one week to process if everything goes smoothly.     Complete applications are processed in the order received. When our Applications Team has completed their initial review, approved applicants will have their contact information sent to the appropriate foster caring for the rescue pet specified in the application, pending the pet is still available. Some applications take longer if we can't get a hold of your references , so please let them know to expect a call. 
The Meet & Greet
This is the exciting part! Once your application has passed the initial review and a background check has been completed, the foster will contact you to discuss if the pet is a good match for your home and possibly set up a Meet & Greet. The Meet & Greet is a great opportunity for you to meet the pet in person and interact with them and they with you, your family and your other pets (if applicable). This is a preferred, but sometimes optional step. If you live a great distance from the pet, a Meet & Greet may not be possible.
Dotting the I's and Crossing the T's: Final Steps
If everyone, including ASF, the foster, the pet and yourself, feels a strong match has been made, you will be approved to move forward with the final steps of adopting your selected pet! All your references will  have been contacted and an in-person or virtual home check may be performed. If all looks good, we'll send you a final Adoption Contract to fill out and provide you with instructions on how to pay the applicable adoption fee. When everything is in order, you can make arrangements with the foster to bring your new pet home!
Searching for and selecting a potential, new pet is very exciting, and we know all our applicants are eager to start the process and bring home their new family member. To best prepare you, we'd like to share our Adoption Process with you, so you'll know what to expect when you are ready to get started.

Tips to Help Guide You

Fill Out Your Application Completely.
Complete applications are processed faster. Incomplete or incorrect information, such as contact
information for your references, will cause
delays and you may lose your place in the queue while
the issue is being resolved. Be thorough and remember, more is better!

Use The Comments Box.
Remember, we are looking for the best possible matches for our rescues, so use the comments
box on the application to include any extra information you feel may be important for us to know.

Include The Whole Family In The Meet & Greet Process!
Everyone in your home should have the opportunity to interact with your potential new pet. This
gives everyone a chance to see the pet's personality, behavior and physical characteristics and
determine if they are a good fit to the applicant. Does their activity level match your lifestyle? Are
they good with kids? Does their personality compliment yours? If possible, more than one Meet & Greet
may be desired. This will help ensure a lifelong match. 

Honesty Is The Best Policy!
If you feel the pet you selected may be too boisterous, not active enough, or not the right fit for any reason,

be honest with yourself and the foster. There are lots of pets available, so there is no need to try and make a match,
if its not the right one. The foster will do the same.  
Act Fast!
Remember, applications are processed in the order recevied. If you see a pet you like, submit an application
at your earliest convenience to better your chances of meeting the pet that interests you.
We receive many applications every day, so try to get yours in early.
Alert Your References.
When your application reaches its final phase in Step 4, please be sure to alert all your references (and veterinarian, if applicable)

and let them know to expect a call from ASF's Application team. Adoptions are often delayed because our team
cannot reach the references listed on an application. Ask your references to be on the lookout for our call, so the adoption process can proceed without a hitch.

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