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RE- Homing  or Surrendering your Aussie


Thinking of surrendering your Aussie? We know that sometimes life happens, and people find themselves unable to provide what their dog needs.  One of our greatest fears would be that someone would feel so desperate that they consider giving or selling their Aussie to a stranger.  Without the required references and home checks performed your Aussie would run the risk of being placed into unhealthy and abusive homes. We want to ensure your loved one gets the home they deserve.

We at ASF know that surrendering your Aussie is a very difficult decision, but sometimes - it is the only one to make. If you chose to surrender your dog, as a first step with ASF, you will need to complete the Owner Surrender form below completely.   

From that point you will be contacted by one of our volunteers to go over your application.

We take in owner surrenders based the facts provided by you, urgency and foster home availability.  We will need to have an evaluation done by one of our volunteers or other professional to ensure we can find the right foster fit for your dog. 

Once approved for surrender, you will be sent a owner surrender contract for your signature. Your signature on this contract represents a permanent decision on your part. This legally binding contract gives full ownership of your dog to ASF.  This allows us to provide foster care and or vet care and legally allow us to find your do a carefully pre-screened 'forever' home. Please note: We consider adoptions through our organization to be closed, meaning that we do not reveal the identities of either the surrendering or adopting parties. This ensures your privacy, as well as the privacy of the adopter, will be protected.

There are times, due to full fosters, or no available fosters, where we at ASF will not be able to take in your Aussie.  We would at that time offer to post your Aussie for rehoming with your information on our Facebook page.  We have a large following and reach that could help you in the rehoming process.


To be considered for our RE-Homing program, please fill out our application.

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