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Happy Tails (and Nubs)

We feel so much joy when we get to send off one of our rescues to their furever home. Seeing their transformation brings being smiles and typically tears of joy. We are so pleased to be able to share some of photos and stories with you from folks who adopted through ASF.

Jolie - Adopted by Pam S., Full Circle Equestrian, LLC

We went to Tallapoosa, Georgia on Sunday to pick up our little one. She was found stray in an area miles from any homes. The lady who found her posted her in many locations to try to find an owner, but no one claimed her. She then put her on Australian Shepherds Furever and I could not resist. We have always been an Aussie family, and that family extends several generations and friends. When we lost 3 of our sweet babies to old age within 6 months, we sort of took an Aussie break. It was too overwhelming. After a period of time we adopted Gabe (half collie/half Jack Russell) and then Bella, a gorgeous German Shepherd who had been surrendered because of her over-exuberant personality. And we were content, but my heart kept yearning for an Aussie. When I saw this little girl, she reminded me so much of my sweet Megan whom we had lost, so I made the call. ​ We took her to the vet and found that she’s about 2 ½ and has at least one, probably more litters of pups. Thankfully, she was heartworm negative and now she’s up to date on all her shots, has a clean bill of health and is schedule for spaying. She has completely moved in and stolen everyone’s heart. I think she likes it here, and we love having her. It seems so natural to have this little Aussie in our home, filling a space that had been vacant too long.

Angelo- Adopted by Shannon G.

We had a blue merle for 15 years that we raised from a pup. He died at home in our arms suddenly. After a few months we rescued this beautiful red merle, Maggio. He has been with us over a year. We recently adopted the mini-Aussie, from a post on this page. He was listed as a 'free to good home' on Craigslist and rescued by Lauren Parrot. He was called Beaux, but we have changed his name to Angelo. Maggio still isn't quite sure, only been a day, and has certainly demonstrated that he is the dominant one. They've had a few spats which make me very nervous as I've only ever had one dog and don't really know what to expect. In any case, we have two rescued Aussies that are so smart and loving and we pray that everything works out and that our Maggio will accept Angelo and become best buds.
​10/12/13 update: Angelo and Maggio are the best of friends!!!!!!

Buddy - Adopted by Jene M.

We We have been patiently waiting for the right Australian Shepherd to show up for us to rescue for over 6 months,
then we saw a post about Buddy. His former owner surrendered him to the vet to be euthanized because he had
a flea allergy and his hair was falling out, that owner would only treat fleas with a collar and nothing else. The vet
refused to euthanize him and instead Joni Solis took pictures of him that were posted the on the Australian
Shepherds Furever FB page where my husband and I saw them. We discussed it for a day or two, Buddy was
not exactly what we were looking for color wise but I kept hearing a little voice say “you need him and he needs
you, call and save him”. I finally called the vet’s office and to my surprise he was still available. I asked for more
specific info about him and told them that we were interested; I just need to talk it over with Mike one more time
now that we had all his info. Friday I called back and was told that a localwoman was coming in to look at him
on Saturday. If she didn’t take him we were next in line. Just before noon on Saturday I called and was told that
she needs her boyfriend to see him before she can make a decision. She was given until Monday to make this
happen. So we spent Friday until late Monday afternoon on pins and needles (having already decided that we REALLY wanted him) until I couldn’t wait anymore and called the vets office again. They had decided not to let the other woman have him as she lived in an apt and just didn’t seem the right fit for Buddy (obviously someone else heard a little voice also) and that he was ours if we still wanted him. OF COURSE we still want him!!! It would be over a 7 hour drive one way for us to pick him up so arrangements were made to meet Deborah (from the vets office) half way and pick him up the following Sunday.
When we got home and introduced him to our cats they were not impressed, even though all he wanted to do was play. He was very reserved and, even though in pictures it looks like he is always smiling, he seemed depressed for the first week. He’s less than 3 years old and we’re his 3rd family and his life had just been turned upside down again. Fortunately we had that week off and were able to spend lots of time getting to know each other. He loves to get petted and snuggle but didn’t seem interested in anything else except getting the cats to like him (still working on that). We would try to get him to play and he wanted no part of it. At first he was terrified of the stairs and he would tremble if we tried to get him near them. Using several pieces of his kibble as treats and going one step at a time we worked with him for about 30 minutes and were finally able to get him to the bottom. We then went back up and down a few more times until he figured out they weren’t going to hurt him and nothing bad was at the bottom. Now he runs up and down just to check on which ever cat happens to be down there. Little by little he seems to trust us more each day. He’s gone to visit people and had others over to meet him and they all fell instantly in love just like us. He has a large knot on his wrist from a previous injury that doesn’t appear to have had proper treatment . At first he limped all the time and didn’t use that leg most of the time. Now he only limps when we’re making him do something he doesn’t want to do. He could be chasing the cats through the house but when we make him quit, he suddenly can’t put any weight that leg and hobbles in to lie down and pout. He is hilarious with his “sympathy acts”.
Starting his 2rd week with us he has begun to play with the toys we bought him. If Mike or I come home without the other one he goes looking through the house to find his missing person. His little personality is finally coming out by leaps and bounds. I think he finally feels like he has a new home and not just being shuffled around again.Thank you so much for helping him find us so that we can give him his loving furever home.

Keller- Adopted by Amanda F.

A few weeks ago, someone had posted little deaf double merle puppy on your facebook page. She was taken from the breeder at only 6 weeks because they were going to kill her, simply because she was deaf. I saw the picture and instantly fell in love with her. After some serious convincing, she is now a part of our family. She is doing exceptionally well in our home and absolutely adores our other Aussie, Kai. If it wasn't for your page, I wouldn't have my other baby, so I have to truly thank you for what you do.

Manchitas- Adopted by Maricela L.

My little Manchitas is one of the Rural Oklahoma puppies. He is an Australian Shepherd/Husky mix and thinks he's the biggest toughest dog in town when he howls along with ambulances and fire trucks at night with his little high pitched puppy howl. :) ​
The Oklahoma puppies were the ones where the woman was being forced by her landlord to give these puppies away at 6 weeks. Well, of course everyone was appalled by that and a huge uproar started and you did your best to get these puppies out there and adopted. Well it turns out that was not the whole story.
The woman who had to give the little pups away had just had a loss in her furry family. Her husky that she had had for years was shot and died from the wound! The husky had gotten out of her yard briefly and she had been looking for him for him for a while until she found out he was shot and of course she was just heartbroken. I asked her if maybe the neighbor had thought he was a wolf or coyote, it is rural Oklahoma after all, but she said 'Nope, people just shoot your dog out here if they get out of your yard and into their land.' She wanted so desperately to get these puppies as far away from that area as possible and so here we are now! ​
Manchitas was originally named Spotty by the original owner, but he was so young he wouldn't recognize his name yet, so I renamed him Ash. Well, I took him home and my folks just fell in love with him right away! Who wouldn't love such a young cute puppy that tells you when he has to potty?! Anyways, my dad fell in love with him the most and renamed him 'Manchas' which means 'Spots' and it just stuck. I affectionately call him 'Manchitas' which is literally just the spanish translation of his original name! Ha ha, yeah I know, it always makes me crack a smile too :)
Manchitas now lives with my family and I in Amarillo, TX. He has a HUGE yard (about 60'x30') to run around in, his own doggy house which is elevated to help prevent ants from getting inside, a playground set so he can play with his 2 new human kids and his momma, lots of toys and rope, plenty of shade and baths too! He even got to pick out his own shampoo! He's a happy puppy :)

Katie- Adopted By Jaque A.

We saw Katie and her brothers and sisters on Australian Shepherds Furever.....but we had been looking for an older girl Aussie! A puppy?? Well, let's just go look. We emailed back and forth and got to Ontario in record time. When we saw the puppies, my husband Dan snagged up little Stella and it was a done deal. We took her home and her new fur sister Roxy and fur brother Toby weren't too sure at first but now all they do is play. Stella became Katie and we feel like we have had her forever. She is truly a treat!

Hue- Adopted By Betsy D.

We sI had to put my dog down a month ago and I have been in pieces since! I rescued her in attempt to help my
clinical depression. She was better than any head-med or therapist that has made an appearance in my life!! she
was everything to me! We needed each other but then...I lost her and I fell apart. ​ Then I had someone reach out
to me on Australian Shepherds Furever group page who sent me to Ronna Wuensh after she had told her a bit about
my story. Ronna had rescued a litter of Australian Shepherds. She was comforting and VERY patient with me. I was a
hot MESS! we got to know each other via facebook and then Ronna told me that she thought she had the perfect dog
for me but she was going to spend a little more time with him to be sure that she knew his personality as she thought
she did. ​Today at 11:00 a.m. I had zip ties cut and a crate opened to a brand new chapter of my life. When Hue arrived
he was in perfect condition. Puppy breath and all. (I LOVE puppy breath) Ronna has obviously taken phenomenal care
of this little boy!All throughout this process, from the time I started to communicate with her up to today when he
arrived to his new home, she has been amazing! She has been caring and very informative when I have had questions for her. Please, if anyone asks you about help with finding the right pup to add to their family...keep Ronna in mind!! Although she is states away from me she made this addition to my family smooth, stress-less and absolutely amazing! The healing process of losing my girl, Kia, has begun and is off to a great start because of Ronna!!

Rusty- Adopted By Angelique P.

We We were at Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington. We were leaving the Military on July 8th to a destination unknown. We just wanted Rusty to be happy and loved and not have to deal with the uncertainty of our future. ​ A match was made through ASF. Rusty took to Ron, his new owner in an instant. He seemed like a really great guy with lots of experience with dogs. They are a military family as well and have 2 kids, which Rusty will be wonderful with. Although we were sitting here in tears, we knew that he would have a better life than we could offer him at that point. Thank you for all of your help. Update. Rusty is now in Virginia and his new family tells me he is doing amazing. He is enjoying walks and spending time outside. He also sleeps every night at their son's door. You helped us so much and we appreciate it so much.
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