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How do I adopt a dog from ASF?
The very first step in the adoption process is to complete and submit an Adoption Application. If you are interested in a specific dog in our program, be sure to note this in your application in the space provided (name and location of dog). Once your application has been processed and approved, we will contact you with next steps.  
Do you have puppies or a dog with [specific trait]?
If you are looking for specific traits (Ex. Female, red merle puppy in Texas), please view our various pet listings on Petfinder, Rescue Me or on our Adoptable Pets Map. If your ideal pet does not pop up in your search, we encourage you to check back with our listings frequently as ASF rescues dogs nearly every day all across the country.
Do you transport dogs? I am interested in adopting a dog in another area/state. 
Transportation options are made available on a case-by-case basis. Please Contact Us to let us know of your specific situation and we will let you know what options can be made available, if any. Please be sure to include your location (city and state) and the name of the dog you are interested in, as well as their location (city and state). Transportation fees may apply. 
What are your requirements to become a foster?
To become a foster, you must to be able to provide a safe and loving environment for a dog in need. You should have time, space and patience for the foster and be able to provide a little guidance, where necesssary. You do not need to be a expert trainer or have special credentials, but dog- and breed-specific experience is a plus. We ask that you be a nuturing pet parent and ultimately help your foster into their forever home. If you are interested in becoming a foster, we'd love for you to submit a Foster Application
Where are you located?
Our main headquaters is located in sunny Southern California, however, our team of volunteer staff and fosters are located all over the country. We are a nationwide rescue! If you are looking to adopt, please see our Adoptable Pets Map for the dog(s) nearest you. If you are looking to get in touch with a ASF Representative, please visit our Contact Us page and drop us a message. You can also find us on all your favorite social media outlets! 
I just submitted an adoption/Foster/Volunteer Application. Now what?
Thank you for submitting an application! It is now ready to be reviewed and processed. Please remember our organization is run by a volunteer staff and it may take up to one week to review and process your application, as we receive many submissions every day. We will be sure to contact you with next steps. In the meantime, please inform your references and veterinarian (if applicable) that we will be contacting them regarding your application. We appreciate your patience! 
Do I need to submit an Adoption Application for every dog I am interested in?
Please only submit one application per household, unless otherwise instructed. If you are interested in multiple dogs in our program, you may make note of this on your application. If you have already submitted an application and you've discovered another potential match, please email us and we will update your original application and inform the necessary team members. Just be sure to include the (human) name provided on the original application, as well as the name(s) and location(s) of the dog(s) you are interested in. 
The dog I was interested in adopting is no longer listed. What happened?
If you saw a dog listed on our website, Petfinder or RescueMe and they are no longer listed, then they have most likely been adopted. This means all approved applications were reviewed and considered and the most appropriate home was selected. To ensure you are considered for the dog that interests you, please complete and submit an Adoption Application. Only those with approved applications will be considered.     
Why do you charge an adoption fee?
Our organization is run soley on donations and the fees collected through paid adoptions. Adoption fees are used to pay for necessary costs associated with caring and rehabilitating rescued animals, such as shelter fees, vaccinations, medications, medical care and procedures, and more! Adoption fees go toward helping another animal in need!
Can I surrender a dog to ASF? I have/found a pet that needs to be re/homed.
If you have an Aussie that you need to rehome, please share it with us on facebook or via email at  Include location and pics of the dog, along with any pertinent info and all the appropriate contact information, and we will try to find a foster home for your pet. Unfortunately, we cannot agree to take a dog without first securing a foster home. While we do take Aussie mixes, please be sure to contact the most appropriate breed-specific rescue.  Accepting owner surrenders depends on available space in our foster program and specific details about the dog. If you have found a stray dog, please make every effort (found posters, chip scan, social media, local word of mouth, etc.) to find its owner before contacting us. 
How can I help? Is there something I can do?
This is our most favorite question, and the answer is yes! We have dedicated a whole section of our website to this very question as it is so important. Please visit How to Help for all the details. If you can't adopt, then foster. If you can't foster, then consider making a donation. If you can't donate, then consider volunteering. If you can't volunteer, then consider shopping! We have a whole list of fundraising partners that donate a portion (or fixed amount) to ASF every time you shop! Lots of ways to help and there are lots of people and animals who will appreciate it!
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