ASF's Top Dawgs

We have some truly incredible people as part of the ASF team. Some of the biggest hearts and kindest souls you are likely to meet. With Nancy Pearlman- Gonzalez taking the lead as ASF's founder and CEO, we'd also like to introduce you to some of our other volunteer staff members that go above and beyond in helping ASF acheive it's goals.

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Nancy Pearlman-Gonzalez (CA)

Nancy is ASF's founder and CEO. She recently retired from Civil Service and can now focus on continuing to build ASF and secure funding through grants, Corporate funding , sponsorshp and donations to aid Aussies in need nationwide. She also handles merchandising in addition to being responsible for all administrative and fiscal duties at the federal, state and local levels.

Dale Sabatini (NY)

Dale is a Board Member and Chief Operations Officer. She supervises and processes all incoming applications and coordinates rescues, working closely with animal shelters nationwide. Dale is also a foster liaison, getting to know our fosters on a personal level.

Adrian Palmer (TN)

Adrian is a Board Member and our Chief Medical Advisor. She helps fosters with medical needs and advice. She coordinates medical care and treatment with veterinarians nationwide and works tirelessly to ensure needy animals are rescued and well-cared for.  She also coordinate rescues from shelters.

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Cheryl Woodward (OK)

Cheryl is our Regional Manager for the Plains States. Aside from fostering, coordinating rescues and processing the applications for her fosters, she also mentors our new fosters offering them support and guidance.


Lily is our Regional Manager for the New England area. She is in charge of posting all of our available and soon to be available dogs on the Petfinder and Rescue Me adoption sites.  She also helps manage our data base.

Kim Elliott Briley ( FL)

Kim is our Regional Manager for the Southeast covering 5 states. Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Alabama. She also responds to questions and comments and messages on the ASF Facebook pages

Laurie N-Blr (VA)

Laurie is our fundraising coordinator and has been with ASF since it's inception. She works with a small team of creative  individuals to execute new and creative ways to raise funds for ASF.


Cindy is a Regional Rep for Virginia and has been known to drive endless hours and miles to save one dog. She has taken on some very difficult cases and helps often with transport as well.

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Pamelina DeVengencie (GA)

Pam is our Web and Technical Support Specialist. She has created all of the applictions that are on our website, makes sure the website is up and running properly, implemented a brand new data base and deals with technical emergencies with ease.

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Dave Hulley (FL)

Dave is an Official ASF Transporter and moves small groups of dogs to and fro across the country, typically from the south (where there is a high concentration of Aussies) toward, and up, the east coast. Dave does this on a completely volunteer basis.

Kim  Pluenneke (MO)

Kim is our Regional Rep for Missouri and Kansas.  She has so much knowledge and experience that she brings to the table, 

Gracia Nobles (TX)

Gracia is our Transport Coordinator. She is responsible to work with professional transport companies, booking dogs to travel to their new homes. She works with the parties on the transport and receiving ends to assure safe arrival for our prescious cargo. She also registers all of our microchips.

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Dawna Smith (IL)

Dawna is an ASF trainer that assists our fosters with any behavorial issues that arise or training advice that may be needed to help an Aussie thrive in their foster and future homes.

Andrea DoNovan (FL)

In addition to being a foster, Andrea is our Pilots N Paws Coordinator.  She coordinates with PNP in getting pups transported across the country, some requiring several flight tranfers.

Joe Darlington (NC)

Joe is our ASF Double Merle foster and trainer. He teaches these special Aussies who are deaf, blind or both through touch training and sign language to get them ready for loving homes, as well as educating the public about the dangers of merle to merle breeding.

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Pat Rodriguez (CA)

Pat takes care of the ASF Fundraising page on Facebook. She updates regularly on what new promotions and products we have available in addition to our regular fundraising with Barkbox, Chewy, Wooftrax and more.

Betty Mosher (MD)

Betty is in charge of distributing ASF ID tags for all the foster dogs. She also updates our google drive and Pet Established data base with all new foster parents and dogs.

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Jackie Hugo (wi )

Jackie processes applications for us and she also does fundraising and has come up with some amazing t shirt designs, makes and sells custom made dog beds and does other fundraisers such as the Pampered Chef and more. 

Cindy Staples ( ca)

Cindy handles our social media.  She answers all of the private messages that come through the ASF Facebook page daily. She also responds to questions and comments on the main ASF Facebook page. 

Would you like to be part of the team? This group of Top Dawgs could really use your help!

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