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ASF's Top Dawgs


We have some truly incredible people as part of the ASF team. Some of the biggest hearts and kindest souls you are likely to meet. With Nancy Pearlman- Gonzalez taking the lead as ASF's founder and CEO, we'd also like to introduce you to some of our other volunteer staff members that go above and beyond in helping ASF acheive it's goals.

Nancy Pearlman-Gonzalez (CA)

Nancy is ASF's founder and CEO. She is is responsible for the ASF database, merchandising, fundraising and auctions, maintaining the website and Facebook page, contracts, invoicing, shelter partner and grant paperwork, posting available dogs, and all administrative and fiscal duties.

Dale Sabatini (NY)

Dale is a Board Member and Chief Operations Officer. She supervises all volunteers that process our applications and coordinates transports and rescues, working  with animal shelters nationwide. Dale is also a foster liaison, getting to know our fosters on a personal level.

Adrian Palmer (TN)

Adrian is a Board Member and our Chief Medical Advisor. She helps fosters with medical needs and advice. She coordinates medical care and treatment with veterinarians nationwide and works tirelessly to ensure needy animals are rescued and well-cared for.  She also coordinate rescues from shelters.

Tammi Miller  (OH)  

Tammi works as a team with Elizabeth covering

Ohio and Kentucky.  They do make an amazing

team in rescuing dogs in need.

Kimberly wilson   (MD)

Kim is our Mid Atlantic Regional Rep for Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia and DC. 

It's a really busy region but she jumped in 

with both feet and took it on with ease. 

Kim Elliott Briley ( FL)

Kim is our Lead Regional Rep for the Southeast covering 5 states. Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Alabama. She has the largest region but manages it with professionalism and perfection.

Adrianna Richie(mS)

Adrianna is one of our Southern Regional Reps covering the state of Mississippi. She jumped

right in and is learning the ropes quickly.

Pam Kazlauskas (CT)

Pam is one of our Northeast Regional Reps covering,  Connecticut.  A lof of dogs are rescued in the south

and transported to the NE.

Pamelina DeVengencie (GA)

Pam is our Web and Technical Support Specialist. She has created all of the applictions that are on our website, makes sure the website is up and running properly, implemented a brand new data base, creates our yearly calendar and deals with technical emergencies with ease.

Dylan Norton (CA)

Dylan is our West Coast Regional Rep covering California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona &

Nevada. He also fosters some of our most difficult behavioral pups transforming them into adoptable dogs. 


Heather is one of our Mid Atlantic Regional Reps who has fostered for us for some time. She will be covering the state of New Jersey.


Truett Smith (NC)

Truett is our Microchip Manager.  She makes sure that every new foster dog is microchipped and that the info is then transferred to the new adopters.

She also helps process apps in the SE region.

Sharon davenport (MA)

Sharon  was a long time foster and is now one of our Northeast Regional Reps. She is covering New Hampshire, Mass and Rhode Island. 

Andrea DoNovan (FL)

In addition to being a foster, Andrea is our Pilots N Paws Coordinator.  She coordinates with PNP in getting pups transported all across the country to

foster homes and furever homes.


Gabby is our Spay/Neuter Coordinator. She is responsible for following up with adopters of puppies to make sure the procedures are done.   

 melissa berndt-snyder(CO)

Melissa is our Rocky Mountain Regional Rep covering the states of Colorado, Utah and New Mexico, 

Betty Mosher (MD)

Betty is our ID tag Distributor. She is in charge of distributing ASF ID tags for all the foster dogs. Each dog has an ID tag that matches a number in our database. 

Elizabeth Moore (KY)

Elizabeth is one of two Regional Reps for        Kentucky and Ohio and works with our regional 

rep Tammi. They make a great team.

Donna Grant (TN)

Donna is one of our Southern Regional Reps covering the state of Tennessee.  She also fosters our rescue dogs!

Susan Cookson(ME)

Susan is our new Fundraiser Extrordinaire. In just a few short months she has had several very successful fundraisers through her creativity and resourcefulness. She is also the Regional Rep for Maine and Vermont.

Britt Elke Waite (NY)

Britt is the Assistant Fundraising Coordinator and a prior adopter.  She is  working with Susan on all projects big and small.  She is involved in the many virtual raffles that are held and is actually one of the artists that makes many of the items that are posted for the raffles. 

heather graf (TN)

Heather is our Owner Surrender Coordinator and a prior adopter.  The number of dogs being surrendered is at an all time high.  She coordinates between the owners and regional reps.

Kelly Payne (VA)

Kelly is our Volunteer Ground Transport Coordinator.  She schedules and maps out ground transports, seeking people to fill each leg of the tranport to get our foster and adopted dogs to moved from one location to another.

Erika Christianson (PA)

Herika is one of our newsest reps on the East Coast covering the state of Pennsylvania

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