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About ASF

Established in 2013, Australian Shepherds Furever (ASF) is a National Non Profit 501(C)(3) Corporation dedicated to saving Australian Shepherds in need nationwide. With the focus of rescue-foster-adoption,  ASF finds puppies and dogs, both mixed and purebred, in need across the continental United States. Our dedicated team of volunteer staff works tirelessly to locate aussies in need of rescue and save them from shelters, deplorable living conditions or other undesireable circumstances. Once in our care, we offer them foster homes, medical care, training, rehabilitation, and all the attention and love they need to thrive again. When each Aussie is ready, we do our due diligence to find them their new, forever home with the perfect person or family.
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A Note From the Founder

My family and I adopted a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd I saw on the wonderful website, Aussie Rescue So Cal. He was listed at a local city shelter. Once we knew this boy was available, we had a short meet and greet and then my husband, daughter and I took shifts parked in front of the shelter over night to make sure that this sweet boy would be ours. When the shelter opened, we went in to take care of the paperwork and soon "Cupid," whom we renamed "Asher," was ours.  Asher (Hebrew for happy) was in a cage with another Aussie.  A black tri named "Tonka." It turned out that Asher and Tonka ended up at this city shelter because they were abandoned by their previous owners who moved away and left them to fend for themselves confined to a fenced yard.  If it were not for the neighbors who called animal control, not to report the abandoned dogs, but to report barking dogs, these two Aussies would have had a tragic ending. They did not appear bonded and Tonka in fact, was dominant over Asher in the kennel.
My daughter and I began walking toward our car with Asher, overjoyed to be bringing this sweet boy home to start a new and wonderful life.  As we walked by the kennels, through the corner of my eye, I saw Tonka following us with his eyes as we walked away with his co-survivor. He continued watching us walk away, stretching out his neck and turning his head as far as he could until we were out of his field of view. 
After bringing Asher home, I found some serious old injuries and a fear in his eyes. He was abandoned by his last family. I made the decision on that day to do whatever I could to make a difference. To be a voice for the innocent who cannot speak for themselves. For those who are dumped at local shelters because they are an inconvenience, are not perfect or are no longer cute and small.  Because their owners became bored or simply could no longer be bothered. Because their owners bought them for their beauty, not knowing that they are high energy, highly intelligent working dogs and couldn't handle them. A voice for those who are discarded like trash, and abandoned like old furniture.​
So I started a community page on Facebook called Australian Shepherds Furever. My focus was to share photos and information, but more importantly to post Aussies in shelters and rescues across the country every day. Our goal was to have 1000 members within one year.  At the end of my first year, I had over 21,000 members – Aussie lovers from around the world.  From South Africa, to Spain, Germany, to Brazil, from New Zealand to Japan and across the entire United States, Canada and Mexico. A world of people brought together by their love for these amazing Australian Shepherds. 

With the Facebook page spreading like wildfire, I soon realized there was still so much more I could do. People were asking me for help with fees for spay and neuter, heart worm medication, pull fees, and so
much more. My husband suggested we become a non- profit 501C3 so we could begin fundraising and help on a much larger scale. In July 
2013, I applied for a non-profit status and operated as a provisional
non-profit until we were approved as a 501(c)3 in July 2014. Our journey 
continues and our goals are ever-growing.   July 2022 will mark 10 years of rescue with over 150 volunteers consisting of fosters, apps processors, Trainers, Transporters, Regional Reps, Administrators, Microchip and ID tag managers and Fundraisers.  We currently have over 82,000 Facebook fans and over 3,650 dogs rescued. 

On March 27, 2022, Asher crossed the rainbow bridge after fighting a good fight with liver failure at the age of 11 1/2.  I am heartbroken-he changed my life and the lives of so many Aussies who have been rescued in his name. He will have a piece of my heart furever. RIP Ashy.  I love you 

                               - Nancy Gonzalez
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