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Achieving Success With a New Pet While Setting Up Your Business-                                              By Jessica Brody


Deciding to bring a pet into your home is a big commitment, and the occasion can seem overwhelming when you are also trying to get a business off the ground. How can you make sure you are applying the appropriate focus on your pet — particularly if your furry pal is a rescue — without letting your business efforts suffer? Achieving success is a matter of focus and organization, and these tips from Australian Shepherds Furever will help you get there.


Get Your Business in Order First

According to Neil Patel, there are seven steps to launching a startup, including creating a business plan and acquiring any necessary funding. If you're trying to start a business and know a new pet is on the way, make sure your business items are taken care of so you can focus on the first steps for your company and worry less about the legal and formation aspect with a new companion in the home.


Establish a Schedule and Delegate Work

As a business owner as well as a pet owner, you must be able to plan ahead, set goals, and prioritize your work. This streamlines processes and maximizes your time working. Decide what your working hours will be and stick strictly to that schedule, even when working from home.


The work can get overwhelming if you don't have any employees yet. Freelancers allow you to affordably delegate minor work so you can focus on the most important business tasks. For example, the website designer hourly rate is between $15 and $30, a worthwhile expense considering you’ll free up much of your own time to work on other aspects of your business. Spend time on different job boards to find a suitable freelancer for anything from web design to virtual office assistance at a relatively affordable rate.


Take Time Off To Transition Your Pet

Taking time off to welcome a new pet is affectionately referred to as "pawternity leave." This period helps your pet become familiar with the new environment and you as a companion. There is much to learn about bringing home a new pet, in particular a new puppy. Learning about what to expect of a puppy and how to transition helps you be more successful and develop a better bond with your pet.


Set Boundaries for Work and Your Pet

Boundaries are essential whether you're running your own business or training a new pet. If you work from home, you should have a dedicated workspace and work hours. If you plan to work in an office, draw a hard line on responding to work emails and phone calls after hours when you're at home.


With a pet, establish rules for areas where your pet can be as well as a schedule for walks, eating, and other activities. This builds comfort for your pet and helps make initial transitioning smoother.


Use Gadgets, Apps, Trainers, and Sitters

The latest pet gadgets can help your pet to play (with an automatic thrower) or even eat (with a timed feeder) without you having to get up from your desk. While gadgets should never replace your companionship, they can make it easier to work.


Don't be afraid to also hire a pet sitter or trainer if needed. For high-energy pets or those that require more monitoring, a pet sitter and trainer can help you to complete essential tasks while not worrying about the shenanigans your furry friend is plotting.


It takes dedication and focus to successfully launch a business and bring a pet into your home. By taking time to set boundaries and spaces to focus on work and focus on your pet, you are more likely to achieve success in both the professional and personal areas of your life.

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