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Hot Dogs in Cars is Not Cool!

With temperatures soaring this summer, its important to remember the serious danger that comes with leaving a pet unattended in a car. JUST DON'T DO IT! Even at an outside temperature of 70ºF, the temperature inside a car can rise to 90º+ in just a matter of minutes. In 90º weather, temperatures inside a car can quickly spike to about 130º. We know its tempting to run into the store real quick to grab some items while you are out and about with your pup. But, while you are grabbing a carton of eggs, your pup maybe struggling to breathe in the car or worse. Dogs die every year after being left in hot cars. It's just not worth it. Even with the windows cracked, dogs are at serious risk of heatstroke. Not to mention, it may also be illegal. Currently, it is a criminal offense in 18 states to leave a dog unattended in a hot car. Please leave your dog at home when running errands or bring a human pal to sit in the car with your pup with A/C running.

And, if you see a pet left in a hot vehicle, don't be afraid to take action! Get them help with these steps:

  1. Take down the car's license plate number, make, model and color.

  2. Try to locate the owner yourself or have the nearby store page the owner of the vehicle.

  3. Call the police or animal control and stay with the animal until help arrives.

You could help save a life!

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